Paxil For Anxiety

Doctors begin prescribing Paxil for anxiety in the 1980's as it became clear that Proxac was causing widespread addiction among patients taking it for anxiety.

Benzodiazepines is one class of medicines used to treat generalize anxiety disorder in this country. These drugs, also known as tranquilizers, work by acting to relax the muscles, thus leaving patient calm. Common medicines that fall into this group are VAlium, Ativan, Xanax, and Librium.

More recently, another group of drugs, antidepressants, have been used to treat anxiety. These include Effexor and Paxil for anxiety.

Regardless of the benefits that taking Paxil for anxiety can offer, there are unfortunate external factors that confuse people in regards to finding proper treatment for an anxiety disorder. Even today, many people harbor prejudicial attitudes towards those that need help in controlling their anxiety. They view is as a weakness of the mind. Thankfully, these attitudes are well on the way to disappearing. Nowadays you'll find many positive stories of people living with anxiety disorders.

Obviously, one should not take Paxil for anxiety without a doctors prescription. In addition, drugs affect people differently. What works for someone else may not work for you. With that in mind, here are some of the symptoms that people taking Paxil have experienced. Insomnia, trouble keeping their concentration, mental confusion, mood swings, and loss of appetite,

Since patients that wish to discontinue Paxil often experience withdrawal symptoms, doctors will usually recommend a phased withdrawal where the patient will gradually taper his use of the drug downwards until he is off. Some of the more common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, a return of anxiety, agitation, and sweating. Any patient withdrawing from Paxil should do so under a doctor's care where the doctor can monitor his reaction to lowered dosages.

Often, the use of prescription medication acts as a valuable tool in achieving the end result of reducing anxiety. Many people take Paxil for Anxiety because it has a proven history of lowering anxiety levels.

Anxiety remains a debilitating condition that many people simply do not understand. While most people realize that anxiousness and worry are signs of anxiety, most do not realize the seriousness and severity of the disorder. As such, they often do not find the proper treatment and this is disheartening as there are excellent treatments available.

Paxil for Anxiety Not The Only Choice

The past decade has seen the introduction of many new anti anxiety medicines that, depending on the patient, work as well or better than Paxil. Never self-medicate. In order to find the best treatment for you,  seek a qualified mental health provider who can discuss with you the various options for anxiety treatments and develop a program tailored explicity for your needs.

Causes Of Anxiety
Though it really is a mental condition and roots deeper than we thought, there are numerous causes of anxiety that lead us to feel restless, stressed out or pressured, and alone. Here are some of the many causes of anxiety that may lead to bigger problems.

Anxiety and Lipitor
The drug Lipitor has a number of side effects but anxiety and Lipitor can co-exist. In fact, Lipitor, when formally prescribed, and sourced legally, can offer substantial benefits.

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