Overcoming Panic Attacks

There are many tried and true means of overcoming panic attacks. We talk about some of the most common treatments below.

Many people live for years with panic attacks, or anxiety attacks as some call them. And, over the years, they have developed their own coping mechanisms to deal with these attacks.

Typical Panic Attack Symptoms

A panic attack is a flight or fight physical response triggered by a real or imagined threat. The person suffering such an attack can experience a variety of symptoms. The most common ones are shallow or irregular breathing, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, and profuse sweating. If the stressor that triggers such a response is something that occurs everyday in that person's life, it can make life a living hell for her.

Most Common Methods of Combating Panic Anxieties

Medication - This is usually the first solution offered when someone is diagnosed as having panic attacks. And, although, not a cure, various forms of medication can be extremely effective, at least temporarily, in helping a person to overcome a panic attack. The anti-anxiety drugs that are usually found at the top of the list are Zoloft, Lexapro, fluoxetine, Cymbalta, and Effexor.

Treating the symptoms of panic attacks - This is a very effective means of temporarily overcoming panic disorders of these types. Common, natural means of treating the symptoms are deep breathing and visualization. Shallow breathing is a common symptom of those experiencing a panic attack.

By consciously taking deep breaths, you relax your body and gradually the fight or flight response triggered by the attack will begin to recede. A similar effect happens with visualization techniques. As you visualize yourself in a calm setting, your breathing will naturally return to normal and your anxiousness will begin to disappear. In order for this to work, however, you have to be relatively proficient at visualization which is something that only occurs with much practice.

Talk therapy - for those who are averse to taking prescribed medication, talk therapy is a very good treatment for many who want to learn how to overcome panic attacks. Not everyone responds to talk therapy. But, for those who do, this can sometimes essentially cure a person of these types of attacks.

Not every therapist is equal, however, To give yourself the best chance for a successful outcome, look for therapists who specialize in the treatment of anxiety or panic attacks. In addition, look for those with a proven track record of good outcomes for their patients. It's no guarantee that the treatment will be successful for you, but it does increase your odds.

No - One Size Fits All Solution

There is no one definitive template or course of action for overcoming panic attacks because we are all different. In addition, the treatment for a severe case of anxiety will almost certainly be different from the treatment of someone who has only a mildly anxious condition.

The key is to find a doctor or health care professional that you have confidence in. You can then work jointly on resolving ways to stop panic attacks from interfering with you day to day living.

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