Cure Panic Attacks

Those looking to cure panic attacks have to realize that panic attacks are psychological in nature. This means that there is no physiological or hormonal cause for the attack. It really is, all in the mind.

Panic Attack Symptoms

But, even though a panic attack is psychological, it can still cause physical changes to occur in the body. Tense muscles, heart palpitations, rapid heat beat, hyperventilation, and heavy sweating are only a few of the physical symptoms that often manifest themselves in a person experiencing a panic attack. People who suffer chronic panic attacks, often find it difficult to deal with the day to day issues in their lives. In fact, many times the symptoms of an extreme panic attack can be so severe that you feel as though you are having an heart attack.

Treatments For Panic Attacks Are Not Cures

If you go to a doctor. odds are that he will treat your panic attack symptoms with one or more of the many anti-anxiety medications that are on the market. Medications such as Lexapro, fluoxetine, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Effexor, and the like are frequently prescribed to help patients control their panic attacks. But, these are treatments, not cures. But, unfortunately, in developed countries, drugs are the primary way of treating panic attacks

Many people have learned to cure their panic attacks through behavior modification therapy. Since  the condition is basically psychological in nature, it makes sense that by changing your psychological reactions to it, you lessen the intensity of future panic attacks. And, as you get more proficient at controlling your psychological reactions, you can eventually cure your panic attacks altogether.

Those looking for tips on how to cure panic attacks, first need to know how panic attacks start.

How Panic Attacks Begin

A panic attack is a particular type of anxiety disorder. One of the main signatures of panic attacks is a commonality in how they begin.

Phobias, such as panic attacks, usually develop from the intersection of a specific event with the emotions of panic. For example, if you are taking a walk around a neighborhood that you have just moved into and are confronted by bullies, you may develop a panic attack whenever you think about taking a walk. And, you may retain this anxiety even years later and in an entirely different neighborhood.

In theory, the cure is simply to decouple this action from the feelings of fear. In practice, however, especially if the anxiety is one of long standing, the cure can take a while.

Cure Panic Attacks With Hypnotherapy

For many people, a combination of therapy and hypnosis has worked wonders. The therapy helps the person to uncover and bring to the surface, the real causes of the anxiety. For example, a person may experience panic attacks when taking tests. Therapy may lead to the discovery that the person feels inadequate or dumb and is afraid that the test will reveal to the world exactly how dumb she is. Regardless of whether the person is truly inadequate or not intelligent, fearing that her 'secret' will be revealed, can cause anxiety.

But once the real cause is identified, by using hypnosis the therapist can begin to change the unconscious thought patterns that flood a person's mind when the particular stressor is triggered. And, once the thought patterns are changed, the fight or flight response is changed as well. The hypnosis will train your mind to automatically, and subconsciously, begin to relax when the stressor occurs. You will not have to think to breath deeply - it will happen automatically. After a while, the reactions of your body and mind to these stressors will become ingrained and natural.

The process is a gradual one and doesn't happen overnight. The speed of the cure depends on both the severity of the anxiety as well as how often the person receives treatment. But, under this treatment, every week, when confronted with the stressor situation, the patient may discover that she feels just a little bit less anxiety until one day - the anxiety simply disappears.

Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks And Anxiety Disorders

An essential part of many behavior modification programs is an emphasis on relaxation and deep breathing as a means of controlling panic attacks naturally. The patient will be taught many methods of relaxation such as self-hypnosis, meditation, stretching, and the like. As you practice these relaxation techniques, you eventually learn to determine when your body is tense. The relaxation tools give you the means to eliminate much of the tension.

In addition, in many research studies that have looked at panic disorder, deep breathing has been shown to mitigate tensions within the body. One of the main symptoms of an impending panic attack is shallow breathing. By training the body to immediately recognize the transition to shallow breathing, you can instantaneously counteract its effects by taking deep breaths. Often, this can stop panic attacks in its tracks.

Confronting Your Negative Thoughts As A Cure For Panic Attacks

Negative thought patterns are at the root of most panic attacks. And, panic attacks can be debilitating. As a result, if you want to live your life more normally, you have to learn to modify those negative thoughts that are running through your mind. And, as anyone interested overcoming anxiety can tell you, this is more easily said than done.

A key part of thought modification involves facing your fears - i.e., confronting your negative thoughts. If you don't confront them and, instead, give in to them, you are basically reinforcing those negative thoughts and feelings and making them stronger. But, a panic disorder of any kind is difficult to sustain without negative thoughts propping it up.

Before you can confront your negative thoughts, however, you first have to know what they are. And this is where a neutral observer, such as a psychologist can really help. Through as many sessions as it takes, once you identify those anxious and negative thoughts running free in your mind, you and your therapist can work together to come up with a plan to attack them.

And, as almost anyone who has gone through this process can attest, once you really confront your fears, whatever they may be, you will find that the thought of them is actually scarier than the reality of them.

With panic attacks, whether it's social anxiety or another type of anxiety disorder or anxiety attack, once you do break the cycle of negative thoughts leading to anxiety leading to more negative thoughts, you will cease to reinforce your negative thoughts. And, when this happens, your anxieties will gradually disappear until they are a small shadow of their former selves. In other words, the destructive pattern will be broken. That is what makes this such a great panic attack treatment and one of the best panic attack cures that we know of.

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