Finding An Anxiety Support Group

Not sure if you can make it through the week? Or even the day? That's where a good anxiety support group can help you to keep going.

It doesn't matter if your marriage is on the rocks, if you are having trouble in your relationships, or if you're simply depressed - an anxiety support group can help to keep you on an even keel. The members can listen to your personal stories without passing judgement on you. An anxiety support group gives you someone to talk to in your time of need who has walked in your shoes and understands what you are going through. In other words, the group will support you.

For those without a car or who have trouble getting around, there are online anxiety support groups or forums where you can hang out with people in the same place in life as you are. These online forums are also useful for those who are tentative about seeking help and want to remain anonymous. Many times these online groups can be just as good as face to face sessions.

Whether a group has a leader or not is mostly irrelevant as in most groups the members rely on each other to provide help, suggestions, and so on to other members. And that's one reason why they can be so effective. They're self sustaining. Even though you may attend a meeting to assuage your own anxieties, you may be surprised to find yourself in the role of giving helpful advice to someone else at the meeting. And you may gain a new friend and improve your social life in the process.

The average anxiety and depression support group meets regularly, usually once a week or once a month. And while you won't yet find one in every community, you'd be surprised at how many there actually are. You'll also find that many groups welcome family members and close friends as well. At most, you'll be free to talk or, if you're shy, just listen. In reality, just being around a group of like minded people with shared experiences will cause most people to lose their reticence after a few meetings.

For some reason, the act of admitting that you have a problem with anxiety has been a source of shame for many people. And anxiety has been seen as a weakness. That attitude has resulted in many not getting the help that they need. Finally, however, the stigma of is vanishing. And good riddance.

How to Find an Anxiety Disorder Support Group

The sheer number of groups spring up across the U.S. is hard to keep up with. Fortunately, finding an active anxiety support group couldn't be simpler. Assuming that you live in Chicago, just power up your Internet browser and bring up Google. Type "anxiety support group Chicago" into the text box and you'll get hundreds of hits to evaluate. The same is true for most major cities and many minor ones.

The truly important thing to remember is that you are not alone and that help with your problems can be as near as the next block.

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