Causes Of Anxiety

Have you ever felt that you are so tired and yet cannot relax and feel like you have to do something even if there is nothing left for you to do?  Well, what you may have is an episode of anxiety and findings have shown that it also leads to depression and sleeping disorders if not diagnosed and properly treated.

Though it really is a mental condition and roots deeper than we thought, there are numerous causes of anxiety that lead us to feel restless, stressed out or pressured, and alone.  Here are some of the many causes of anxiety that may lead to bigger problems.

Known Causes

Though sometimes it is already obvious, but a common cause of anxiety is the problems that we are facing in our lives.  And if we are lucky and we have finally resolved the problem we are surprised that all the agitation, the restlessness, and pressure that we are feeling goes away with the problem.  On the other hand, anxiety can also be rooted from variety of psychiatric syndromes like schizophrenia, depression, alcoholism, or withdrawal from a bad habit or treatment using long-term medical drugs.

Others will also find it that another cause of anxiety lies within their genes since people who have relatives and other family members that have a history of anxiety and other mental problems.  These genes can be passed on and if you are one of those unlucky people who inherit those “worry” genes, then you are more susceptible to feeling anxious.

In some cases, anxiety may be rooted from tremendous and horrible accidents that can lead to phobias like car crash, fires, and others.  The people who are involved with these types of accidents are more likely to suffer from anxiety because of post-traumatic stress disorder.  If you feel like you are suffering from post-traumatic disorder, it is best that you contact your doctor to properly diagnose it and do whatever is best to help you overcome your trauma.

The use of illegal drugs like LSD, marijuana, ecstasy, and many others can greatly make the user more paranoid and have the feeling of being anxious.  Even caffeine can contribute to your feeling of anxiousness like when you drink coffee or tea.  Prescription drugs can also cause anxiety.

But then again, if you feel like your anxiety is getting out of hand and you are really getting uncomfortable with the episodes that you get, the best thing that you can do is contact your doctor for proper diagnosis and medication.

Anxiety And Zoloft
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Anxiety Attack Symptoms
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